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3 Must-Watch Soil Health Documentaries on Netflix

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These three awe-inspiring soil health documentaries on Netflix showcase the current state of our planet, but also provide us with the simple solutions we need to change our future.  1. Kiss the Ground Produced in 2020, this full-length documentary speaks about the healing power of soil. It argues that the soil’s capacity to sequester carbon could be the key to …

manganese deficiency

The Magnitude of Manganese Deficiency Caused by Glyphosate

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Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Roundup®. This product enjoys widespread usage on core food crops. Genetically engineered corn, soy, canola, cotton, alfalfa and other crops are  “Roundup®-Ready”, which means that they aren’t killed by the herbicide. It doesn’t, however, mean that they are completely safe, nor completely healthy.  Let’s first talk about the effect of glyphosate on plants.  Experiments …

How to Fix Potassium Deficiency in Soil

How to Fix Potassium Deficiency in Plants and Soil

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Modern industrial agriculture heavily depletes soil nutrient resources, including potassium (K). This declining soil fertility is the main cause of year-to-year variability of harvested yields. If we are to farm sustainably and produce food for future generations, we need to improve potassium management and potassium availability in soil. So, how do you fix potassium deficiency in plants and soil? In …

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The Ultimate Guide to Growing in your Garden: Part 4

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By this time, your organic home garden is well on its way to filling your fridge with nutritious, healthy produce. But, what about the other critters and creatures that also want in? In this article, we’ll focus on the best methods of organic pest control for South African gardens.  If you missed the previous Parts, we suggest catching up now:  …

Sustainable Farming

The Ultimate Guide to Growing in your Garden: Part 3

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You’ve chosen a spot, prepped your soil, and now it’s time for the exciting part – deciding what to plant!  If you missed Part 1 and Part 2, we suggest reading them now before moving on to Part 3:  Read Part 1: Choosing the right location  Read Part 2: Prepping the soil  With the chilly weather fully upon us, we’ll …

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The Ultimate Guide to Growing in your Garden: Part 2

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“When building soil you not only improve your plants’ health, but you can also improve your own.” Welcome to Part 2 of “The Ultimate Guide to Growing in your Garden”. In this article, we’ve moved onto the next step in creating your home garden – preparing the soil. Miss Part 1? Read it now. Why is soil prep so important?  …

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The Ultimate Guide to Growing in your Garden: Part 1

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The healthiest food is food grown organically in your own garden. In South Africa (more so than in European nations, for example), many people have access to a garden. Yet, despite worldwide concerns over food safety and food security, not many people are growing their own food. If you are one of them, this blog series is for you! Why …

Biological Pest Control

Biological Pest Control: For Nature, By Nature

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Around the world, conventional products and chemicals intended to guard crops against disease, weed pressure and pests are increasingly falling out of favour due to the negative impacts they have on the natural environment, and even human health. So, what’s the alternative? Along with a focus on soil health and regenerative farming tactics, manufacturers and research institutions are working on …