Sustainable, Profitable Farming Starts with Building Soil Health

Improve Soil Health With Soil Health Practices And Products

Soil is one of nature’s most important service providers and is critical to life on Earth. In agriculture, the soil is the starting point for all farming activities, whether for crop, livestock, or subsistence farming. Soil is the basis of our agroecosystems, which provide us with stockfeed, fibre, food and fuel. That’s why it’s so important to build soil health, support microorganisms in the soil, and ensure a sustainable approach to growing the world’s food.

The role of soil in agriculture

However, when soil biology is disturbed by changes to the ecosystem (such as over-tilling or application of any chemical input), the overall soil health is affected, leading to a sub-optimal output environment. Many farmers are now facing a situation where they’re stuck on the chemical input treadmill, adding new chemicals to fix the problems caused by the previous chemicals.

soil fertility

Improving soil health using sustainable soil health practices and soil health products is the only way to feed future generations.

Develop Sustainable Soil Solutions

The Benefits Of Healthy Soil For Agriculture

increasing graph

Enhance crop quality and yields

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Produce more nutrient-dense food, meat and dairy products

reducing chart

Reduce input costs


Minimised carbon footprint

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Promote profitability

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Support long-term sustainability and food security

What Are The Characteristics Of Healthy Soil?

Instead of growing low Brix crops and fighting off insects and diseases with expensive pesticides and chemicals, implementing an effective soil management programme results in healthier, hardier plants that are more resistant to insects and disease.

What to look for in a healthy soil

  • Texture
  • Depth
  • Density
  • Nutrient holding capacity
  • Water infiltration
  • Water holding capacity
  • Amount of organic matter
  • Respiration.

Healthy Soil Characteristics

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Promote diversity

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Promotes microorganisms in the soil

pest target

Prevents nutrient leaching

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Improves drainage

nutrient cycling

Creates natural nutrient cycling

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Reduce pests

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Improves disease resistance

reducing chart

Reduces production costs

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Reduces erosion

soil structure icon

Creates natural nutrient cycling

Improve Your Soil With Soil Health Products Inspired By Nature

Zylem offers biological soil amendments and nutrition for South African conditions and soils.

Our regenerative approach to soil re-establishes soil biology to rebuild the desired properties, enabling soil to return to and remain in a healthy natural state.

We know that every situation and every soil is different, so we work with commercial farmers on a consultative basis to find the best combination of methods and inputs to maximise soil health

Our soil health products include:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Soil health refers to the “capacity of a soil to function within ecosystem boundaries to sustain biological productivity, maintain environmental quality, and promote plant and animal health”.