Solutions to Drought in South African Agriculture

Dealing With Drought

Even in times of plentiful rainfall, farmers know that water shortages are a fact of life in farming, and the impact of drought on South African farmers cannot be understated. Although the severity and frequency vary, drought conditions present a continual challenge to Southern Hemisphere farmers. Zylem products offer solutions to drought in South Africa and beyond our borders. 


The most effective drought agriculture solution is the implementation of regenerative farming practices. Regenerative agricultural practices have proven to minimise the effect of drought on agriculture. Overcoming existing challenges and developing resilience to future drought conditions can be achieved by implementing sustainable and regenerative farming practices and soil management tools.

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Drought Solutions Start In The Soil

One of the most dangerous aspects of drought is that, unlike other natural hazards, it’s a slow-onset phenomenon; its impact is non-structural and spread over wide areas. As a result, the mitigation and preparedness for drought can lag behind other more “acute” disasters. 

We subscribe to the philosophy that soil health is the key to plant health, and that healthy soil mitigates against risks from extreme weather. By providing a dependable way to improve soil health and plant health, Zylem’s products help reduce the impact of drought on Southern African farmers. Our organic fertiliser and biologically-friendly products return good health to the soil, while reducing input costs and reliance on inorganic fertilisers.

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Product Solutions For Dealing With Drought

Zylem’s range of biological soil and foliar feeds include several drought solution products which help mitigate the effects of drought conditions by improving soil nutrition.

Specially formulated by Zylem, Sea Brixº™, Amino K°, and Nutri-Tech Triple Ten from Nutri-Tech Solutions (Australia) are three products designed for soil nutrition to aid in the production of roots, shoots and flowers—especially in drought conditions. The macro and micro elements of these products stimulate beneficial soil microbes and contribute to the overall health and fertility of the soil, building resilience in the face of extreme weather such as drought conditions.

Sea Brix™

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Sea Brixº™ contains triacontanol, a potent natural growth stimulant. It was formulated with the primary objective of maximising photosynthesis—the process that results in high brix levels in the plant.

Since potassium is the macro element worst affected by drought, a foliar application of 3L/ha of Sea Brixº™ plus up to 10kg/ha of potassium sulphate is a very effective drought solution in mitigating the effects of prolonged dry conditions.

Adding urea at 5kg/ha to the Sea Brixº™ and potassium sulphate mixture further enhances the benefits, since the form of nitrogen produced by urea (NH2) has an extremely beneficial effect within the plant metabolism.

If irrigation is an option, Sea Brixº™ applied to the soil is an excellent supply of an organic source of potassium. It reduces the ‘salt index’ (EC) associated with the application of inorganic fertiliser.

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Amino K°TM

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Amino K° (fermented molasses) is an efficient form of organically-applied potassium to promote plant health in drought conditions, especially when applied to the soil through irrigation.

It contains 4% potassium and other macro and micro elements, including silicon and enzymes. Enzymes and metabolites from the fermentation process provide an excellent food source for beneficial microbes, ultimately increasing plant vigour.

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Nutri-Tech Triple Ten™ (10-10-10)

triple 10 polycan

Nutri-Tech Triple Ten™ (10-10-10) from Nutri-Tech Solutions (Australia) is a liquid fertiliser combining a hot-mix NPK blend, chelated trace elements and potent organic fertilisers. 

This organic fertiliser includes liquid vermicast, fish fertilisers, fulvic acid, seaweed fertiliser, vitamins and triacontanol, a powerful growth promotant. Through enzymatic stimulation, this state-of-the-art, crop-specific fusion fertilising is capable of rescuing crops stressed by drought.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Drought is generally defined as a period of abnormally low precipitation (compared to the long-term average climate and rainfall of a given region). The period is long enough to have a severe impact on hydrological resources.

Drought is a recurrent feature of all climates. Of all so-called “natural hazards”, drought is among the most damaging, complex, and least understood. Drought often has a major impact on the affected area’s environment, society and economy.