Treat Zinc & Manganese Deficiency in Plants with Micros Z

Do your plants looks anything like this?
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zinc deficiency
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    You may need Micros Z,  a liquid fertiliser that contains key trace elements.

    Soil and foliar applied, Micros Z addresses common trace element deficiencies in many South African soils. This liquid fertiliser is high in important trace elements, including Zinc and Manganese. 

    Zinc deficiency in plants and Manganese deficiency in plants can be caused by the use of glyphosate. Where glyphosate is frequently used, these important trace minerals can be rendered unavailable, thus causing signs of Zinc deficiency and symptoms of Manganese deficiency in plants and soil.

    Invest in your soil and plant’s Zinc and Manganese levels

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    Micros Z Benefits For Plants

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    Ameliorates the effect of Glyphosate in soil

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    Highly plant-available source

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    Treatment for Zinc deficiency in plants

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    Addresses Manganese deficiency in plants

    Micros Z Product Details

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    Micros Z Technical Information

    Micros Z is a liquid fertiliser for correcting plant and soil deficiencies. It contains a number of important trace elements:

    • Manganese (Mn)
    • Iron (Fe)
    • Copper (Cu)
    • Zinc (Zn)
    • Carbon monoxide (Co)
    • Molybdenum (Mo)
    • Boron (B)
    • Potassium (K)
    • Sulphur (S)

    The amount of trace elements found in soil is often so small that they are barely detectable, but without them, plants become deficient and fail to thrive.

    Micros Z application

    As a foliar Zinc fertiliser and Manganese nutrient for plants, Micros Z can be applied as a foliar, soil and seed treatment application. Consult our distributors for details on suitable application rates, frequencies and methods for your specific crop and growing system.

    Micros Z is particularly effective when used in combination with Cal B Z.

    Group 2 Fertiliser, Act 36 of 1947 – Registration # B4494

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    Invest in your soil and plant’s brix levels

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The function of Zinc in a plant is to help the plant produce chlorophyll.