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"Sustainability and profitability start in the soil."
Justin Platt, Founder & MD
Sustainable farming

About Zylem

Zylem manufactures soil health and nutrition products with a focus on liquid biostimulants. We offer agricultural products and technical services aimed at improving sustainable and regenerative farming in Southern Africa. We source and manufacture biological foliar fertilisers and soil conditioners that are distributed through a variety of networks in Southern Africa.
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Sustainable Farming

Soil Health

Regenerative farming is all about returning good health to the soil. A healthy soil means a healthy biome and healthy plants, resulting in reduced input costs and reduced reliance on inorganic fertilisers.
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Drought Conditions

Water shortages are a fact of life and will remain a permanent fixture in the agricultural community of Southern Africa. We can help you implement regenerative farming practices and soil management tools to help overcome existing challenges and develop effective operating systems for the future.
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Insect & Disease Resistance

Insects and pests are responsible for substantial crop losses worldwide. Multiple strategies for improved crop resistance reduce the need for broad-spectrum chemical insecticides and facilitate the sustainable intensification of food production.
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Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture is the solution for South Africa’s farmers. In this guide, we’ll summarise everything you need to know about regenerative farming, regenerative agriculture methods and regenerative soil practices.
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Agricultural Product Manufacturers

Zylem has positioned itself as a specialised agricultural product manufacturer. Years of tried and tested formulas of a niche basket of raw materials have allowed Zylem to curate an effective range of products for different applications and crops. We supply agricultural inputs through our nationwide distributor network. Our products include our own range of biological soil conditioners and foliar feeds as well as selected plant and soil health products from Nutri-Tech Solutions, Australia, which are manufactured locally under license.
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