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Everything you need to know about foliar feeding 

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An article by agronomic consultant Jim Pingrey printed in the July 2023 issue of the Acres U.S.A. magazine proposes that “soil health is essential for a resilient plant, but we can also ramp up plant resilience and aid in building soil health by applying timely foliar sprays”. In recent times, foliar feeding has become accepted as an essential aspect of …

The 7 micronutrients needed for plant growth in South Africa

The 7 micronutrients needed for plant growth in South Africa 

Shea KarssingBlog

As a grower or farmer, you may constantly be dosing your system with extra nutrients in the hopes that your plants will thrive. But each nutrient has a specific role to play, and you need to understand how the seven micronutrients work to optimise crop production, promote sustainable agriculture, and achieve economic benefits. What are micronutrients? Nutrients can be macronutrients …

fertiliser quality over quantity

Fertilisation Quantity vs Quality

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has led to a spike in global grain and fertiliser prices as it became extremely difficult to get exports out of the country. Although a United Nations-brokered deal has eased some of the supply chain issues, fertiliser costs remain high—fertilisers are at their least affordable levels since the 2008 global food crisis, putting a strain on …

2023 farming trends

6 Top Trends in Agriculture for 2023

Justin PlattRegenerative Agriculture

RegenZ Founder and CEO Justin Platt lists his 6 top agricultural trends for 2023.  As a major agricultural producer and exporter, South Africa’s agricultural industry plays an essential role in the country’s economy. But it comes with a significant footprint on resources such as water, energy, nutrients, soil and natural cycles. Then there’s the impact of dealing with climate change …

intuitive farming

The Intuitive Farmer is the Farmer of the Future

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We need better knowing, not more knowledge The modern focus on scientific and intellectual farming approaches has significantly advanced food production. Innovations such as fertilisers and machinery have enabled food production to keep pace with a booming population, and advancements in the preservation of food results in access to a greater variety of food all over the world. However, in …

regenerative farmer benefits

A Farmer from Mpumalanga Reaps the Benefits of Regenerative Farming

Justin PlattRegenerative Farming

Hendrik Odendaal, a commercial farmer in Standerton, Mpumalanga, is on the road to more regenerative farming methods. His main crops are maize and soybeans. We recently got the chance to chat with Hendrik about his regenerative farming journey.  Hendrik started farming in 2005 using conventional agricultural practices. Without even knowing it was a regenerative practice at the time, he started …

netflix documentaries on soil health

3 Must-Watch Soil Health Documentaries on Netflix

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These three awe-inspiring soil health documentaries on Netflix showcase the current state of our planet, but also provide us with the simple solutions we need to change our future.  1. Kiss the Ground Produced in 2020, this full-length documentary speaks about the healing power of soil. It argues that the soil’s capacity to sequester carbon could be the key to …

manganese deficiency

The Magnitude of Manganese Deficiency Caused by Glyphosate

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Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Roundup®. This product enjoys widespread usage on core food crops. Genetically engineered corn, soy, canola, cotton, alfalfa and other crops are  “Roundup®-Ready”, which means that they aren’t killed by the herbicide. It doesn’t, however, mean that they are completely safe, nor completely healthy.  Let’s first talk about the effect of glyphosate on plants.  Experiments …

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How to Fix Potassium Deficiency in Soil

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Modern industrial agriculture heavily depletes soil nutrient resources, including potassium (K). This declining soil fertility is the main cause of year-to-year variability of harvested yields. If we are to farm sustainably and produce food for future generations, we need to improve potassium management and potassium availability in soil. So, how do you fix potassium deficiency in soil? In this blog …