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How Will Food Production Increase 98% By 2050?

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According to Harvard Business Review, the global population has quadrupled over the last century. In 1915, the world was home to 1.8 billion people; today, 7.7 billion people are driving up global food demand, which is expected to increase anywhere between 59% and 98% by 2050. But food production isn’t keeping pace. This begs the question: how will farmers keep …

Adaptive grazing

What is Adaptive Grazing Management?

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We recently came across a very interesting interview on adaptive grazing management with Dr Allen Williams in Acres U.S.A. Dr Williams is the founding partner of Understanding Ag, Grass Fed Insights, and a partner in Joyce Farms, Inc. He pioneered many of the early adaptive grazing protocols and forage finishing techniques. Today, Allen and his colleagues specialise in whole farm …

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Soil Testing FAQ’s: the What, Why, When and How

Justin PlattSoil Testing

Soil is one of the Earth’s most important life-giving elements. As such, the health of a soil is inextricably linked to the surrounding plant, animal and human health.  There’s no doubt that a balanced soil is vital for a healthy ecosystem, but how do you know whether your soil is healthy or not? This is where expert soil testing comes …

Sustainable Farming

How Sustainable Farming Works

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As Earth’s resources dwindle and its population increases, we need to find a balance between feeding the planet and securing the food for future generations. This is where sustainable farming comes in. What is sustainable farming? Sustainable farming is the name for a loose set of agricultural practices that work together to: Limit the use of potentially harmful chemicals Employ …

About Zylem

The Zylem Story – How It All Started

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At Zylem, we have been providing agricultural technical services for almost three decades. But where did it all begin? And how have our services evolved and expanded over the years? Read on to find out more about our story… Farming runs in the blood of Zylem’s founder and managing director Justin Platt. Justin grew up on a farm in Mooi …

Soil affects human health

Sustainable Agriculture: The Benefits for Human Health

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Soil health, plant health for human health. It’s right there on our logo and at the core of everything we do. Why? Because human wellbeing can only happen when soils are healthy. It is a direct relationship.  Let’s start by taking a look at the point at which we have arrived. In the last 50+ years, intensive, industrial farming practices have …