fertiliser quality over quantity

Fertilisation Quantity vs Quality

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has led to a spike in global grain and fertiliser prices as it became extremely difficult to get exports out of the country. Although a United Nations-brokered deal has eased some of the supply chain issues, fertiliser costs remain high—fertilisers are at their least affordable levels since the 2008 global food crisis, putting a strain on …

2023 farming trends

6 Top Trends in Agriculture for 2023

Justin PlattRegenerative Agriculture

RegenZ Founder and CEO Justin Platt lists his 6 top agricultural trends for 2023.  As a major agricultural producer and exporter, South Africa’s agricultural industry plays an essential role in the country’s economy. But it comes with a significant footprint on resources such as water, energy, nutrients, soil and natural cycles. Then there’s the impact of dealing with climate change …

regenerative farmer benefits

A Farmer from Mpumalanga Reaps the Benefits of Regenerative Farming

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Hendrik Odendaal, a commercial farmer in Standerton, Mpumalanga, is on the road to more regenerative farming methods. His main crops are maize and soybeans. We recently got the chance to chat with Hendrik about his regenerative farming journey.  Hendrik started farming in 2005 using conventional agricultural practices. Without even knowing it was a regenerative practice at the time, he started …

Mulch in agriculture

What is Mulching in Agriculture?

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We know that soil health plays an essential role in sustainable agriculture. These days, most farmers realise that healthy soil is key to reducing costs, promoting biodiversity and improving the efficiency of their farms. One method used to promote soil health sustainably is mulching. Mulching is proven to suppress weeds and protect the soil year-round. So, what is mulching in …

Adaptive grazing

What is Adaptive Grazing Management?

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We recently came across a very interesting interview on adaptive grazing management with Dr Allen Williams in Acres U.S.A. Dr Williams is the founding partner of Understanding Ag, Grass Fed Insights, and a partner in Joyce Farms, Inc. He pioneered many of the early adaptive grazing protocols and forage finishing techniques. Today, Allen and his colleagues specialise in whole farm …