Organic Pest Control & Disease Resilience

Developing Insect And Disease Resistance From Within

Pests are responsible for substantial crop losses around the world, damaging plants and transmitting diseases. Broad-spectrum chemical insecticides are neither efficient nor effective in pest prevention, which is why Zylem aims to build crop resistance to disease and pests through improved soil and plant health using organic pest control products and methods

Building Plant Resistance To Disease And Pests

Healthy plants with high resilience and high Brix levels come from healthy soil conditions. Instead of growing low Brix crops and fighting off insects and diseases with expensive pesticides and chemicals, implementing an effective soil management programme results in healthier, hardier plants that are more resistant to insects and disease.

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The Benefits of High Brix Plants

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Resistant to disease

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Unappealing to insects

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Require fewer inputs

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Better for human consumption

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Improve profitablity

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Better yields

How Does Sea Brix™ Work?

Sea Brixº™ works efficiently in two ways:

As a microbe food or soil food

Metabolites in Sea Brixº™ serve as a microbe food source. The microbes are stimulated and/or multiplied, resulting in beneficial microbe processes such as making nutrients more plant-available.

As a foliar feed

The already-processed (enzyme-fermented) raw materials are quickly and easily metabolised in the plant. This allows for spontaneous and quick effects on stimulating important processes such as photosynthesis.

Products To Improve Plant Resistance To Disease And Pests

Sea Brix™

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Sea Brixº™ is a product formulated by Zylem that contains Triacontanol, a potent natural growth stimulant. Its primary objective is to maximise photosynthesis (the process that ultimately results in high Brix levels of the plant).


The Sea Brixº™ name is indicative of its source and its effect—products and ingredients originating from the sea (such as kelp and fish hydrolysate) improve soil health, resulting in higher Brix levels in plants.

Higher Brix levels provide natural pest control and higher plant resistance to disease. So, instead of trying to fix the problem, you’re preventing it from occurring in the first place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The term “organic pest control” can be used to refer to a number of ways of dealing with pests in plants:

  • Using pest control products sourced from natural, organic ingredients
  • Building pest resistance naturally by improving the health of the soil and the plant