Zylem Products

Zylem’s product range has been evolving for over 10 years. Our biological soil amendments, nutrition and foliar feed products encourage sustainable activity and assist with regenerative agriculture. The products are available anywhere in South Africa.

Zylem's Biological Soil Amendments

seabrix label

Sea Brix™

Sea Brixº™ is a soil and foliar feed formulated to maximise photosynthesis – the process that ultimately results in high brix levels of the plant.
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aminok label


Amino K is a liquid soil ameliorant providing an amino acid supplement for plants.
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nanocal label


NanoCal offers foliar or soil-applied slow-release calcium for improved soil health.
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microsz label


Soil and foliar applied, Micros Z addresses common trace element deficiencies in many South African soils.
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kmac label


K-Mac is a foliar feed designed specifically for macadamias. Formulated with potassium bicarbonate that has a high pH.
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triple ten label

Nutri-Tech Triple Ten™

Nutri-Tech Triple Ten™(10-10-10) is a liquid fertiliser combining a hot mix NPK blend, chelated trace elements and natural growth promotants.
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calcium shuttle label

Nutri-Key Calcium Shuttle™

Nutri-Key Calcium Shuttle™ is a liquid calcium with a shuttle chelator which assists in the development of plant and fruit cell walls.
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sea change label

Sea-Change KFF™

Sea-Change KFF ™ is a liquid fertiliser blend of ocean essentials enhanced with fulvic acid and triacontanol.
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shuttle seven label

Nutri-Key Shuttle Seven™

Nutri-Key Shuttle Seven™ offers complete coverage in chelated form– the ultimate in liquid mineral management.
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