Sea-Change KFF™ Liquid Kelp & Fish Hydrolysate

A Liquid Fish And Kelp Fertiliser To Improve Brix Levels

Sea-Change KFF™ is a blend of ocean essentials designed to improve plant brix levels and associated benefits. It is enhanced with liquid kelp, fish hydrolysate, fulvic acid and triacontanol.  

Sea-Change KFF™ also acts as a rescue remedy in stress situations and a bio-stimulant for microbes and earthworms.

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Benefits Of Sea-Change KFF™ Liquid Kelp Fertiliser

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Enhanced root growth

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Higher fruit-to-flower ratio

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Increased flowering

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Natural chelating capacity

The Power Of The Sea: Fish Hydrolysate And Liquid Kelp

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Sea-Change KFF™ contains a unique combination of kelp, fish and fulvic acid in a proven formula which is further boosted by the addition of the plant growth-promotant triacontanol. 

Plant response to this liquid kelp fertiliser includes:

  • Improved yield
  • Early maturity
  • Improved frost resistance
  • Protection from stresses such as drought, heat and waterlogging

With fish hydrolysate, you’re also feeding your soil’s microbial population. In turn, these 

soil-dwelling microbes help your plants optimise nutrition uptake.

Sea-Change KFF™ Product Details

Sea-Change KFF™ is a blend of ocean essentials enhanced with fulvic acid and triacontanol. It can be applied as a liquid kelp foliar spray or through fertigation. 


Available in 25L drums and 1000L flow bins.


Reg # B3472

Act 36 of 1947


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