netflix documentaries on soil health

3 Must-Watch Soil Health Documentaries on Netflix

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These three awe-inspiring soil health documentaries on Netflix showcase the current state of our planet, but also provide us with the simple solutions we need to change our future.  1. Kiss the Ground Produced in 2020, this full-length documentary speaks about the healing power of soil. It argues that the soil’s capacity to sequester carbon could be the key to …

Biological Pest Control

Biological Pest Control: For Nature, By Nature

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Around the world, conventional products and chemicals intended to guard crops against disease, weed pressure and pests are increasingly falling out of favour due to the negative impacts they have on the natural environment, and even human health. So, what’s the alternative? Along with a focus on soil health and regenerative farming tactics, manufacturers and research institutions are working on …

Subsistence Farmer

Achieving Agricultural Sustainability in Africa Amid Climate Change

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Many African communities lack the capacity to respond or adapt to the impacts of climate change, leaving the continent vulnerable to changing conditions. Warming trends have already become evident across the African continent, along with changes in precipitation patterns. Increasing temperatures and changes in rainfall put even more pressure on strained African agricultural systems. Pressures from pests, weeds and diseases …